TOUR 2011


Hi Guys, I want to say „Thanks“ for an amazing 2011. At this time of the year people are said to be contemplative and when one looks at the past events it becomes clear that there are many good things we were allowed to experience within the last year! In many clubs and on many partys I was allowed to re-experience why I love so much what I do! Nights which still give me the creeps and memories that hopefully will stay for good. This is in all musical inspiration and opens your mind and soul. There was especially one person who gave me the necessary inspiration and power for a wonderful piece of music just by her character, her smile and everything else. Thank you so much! Another special greets go to them who work so hard all day for making this madness possible at every weekend of the year. Thanks to our management, Lila Wunderland, Toni, Dalila and offspring, and everyone else... Nevertheless we don’t want to forget those people, who were less lucky. Also in 2011 many people all around our beautiful world laid violent hands on each other, families were divided, wars were made, revolutions were stopped by force and mother nature was raped as always. For making things better in the future it is also necessary to consider and handle the negative experiences to improve things. It is soften the small things that we can do and – apart from the fact that money means not everything – I also want to give an extra thank to the guests and organizers of the „Dance for Japan“ event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for giving us the chance to make our musical constribution to a donation of 3.890 Euros fort he victims of the flood and the horrible accident in Fukushima. To not forget those people, who are in someone’s back all over the years, supporting him and influencing his character I want to say „thank you“ to my family, especially my parents and my brother and surely all my friends and all the other people in my outer field. You give me the energy, hold and support and first and foremost you give me what everyone needs: LOVE! In this spirit I wish you all the best for 2012, do what beyonds in your power to make the new year more peaceful, respect your fellow men and stop saving the most important thing you are able to give: LOVE! Yours Pascal

05.02. Arena - Berlin (D)
19.02. Kraftwerk - Rottweil (D)
26.02. New Berlin Club - Neumarkt (D)
04.03. Sakog - Trimmelkam (AT)
05.03. Soda Club - Salzburg (AT)
12.03. Reaktor - Winterthur (CH)
18.03. Kiezinternat - Hamburg (D)
19.03. Boudoir - Naples (IT) DISPLACED
02.04. Unsichtbar - Saarbrücken (D)
08.04. Neckarlust - Heilbronn (D)
09.04. Suicide Circus - Berlin (D)
16.04. Fabrix - Werdau (D)
23.04. Parktheater - Kempten (D)
29.04. Moulin Rouge - Stuttgart (D)
06.05. 100 Quadrat - Rosenheim (D)
13.05. Mancuso - Tübingen (D)
14.05. Canape - Trossingen (D)
21.05. Neckarlust - Heilbronn (D)
04.06. Open Air - Fellbach (D)
11.06. Romy S. - Stuttgart (D)
12.06. Sakog - Trimmelkam (AT)
21.06. Fête de la musique - Berlin (D) CANCELLED!!!
25.06. Electric Lounge Open Air - Kaufbeuren (D) (Daytime Set)
25.06. Japan Charity Event - Garmisch Partenkirchen (D) (Nightime Set)
17.07. Sea of Love - Freiburg (D)
20.07. Sunrise Generation Festival, Marrakkech (MA) CANCELLED!!!
24.07. Summer Visions Open Air Aftershowparty - Freudenstadt (D)


08.10. Milchbar - Kirchheim (D)
21.10. Trust - Berlin (D)
22.10. Weekend - Berlin (D)
29.10. Provisorium Bürglen - Sankt Gallen (CH)
10.11. Camera Club - Wien (AT)
11.11. Radost - Bratislava (SK)
18.11. Pitú - Memmingen (D)
19.11. SEMM Afterparty - Stuttgart
03.12. SEMF Winteredition - Stuttgart (D)
09.12. Aftershave - Innsbruck (D)
17.12. Unsichtbar - Saarbrücken (D)
31.12. Secret Show (D)

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